Ade: G3 will not be in the doldrums again
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Western Conference finals will be moved to (click NBA 2K18 MT) San Antonio, the Spurs face 0-2 behind the situation, the center Paul - Gasol said the Spurs like the injured beast more bite a bite. "You have to be aggressive in 48 minutes," Spurs center Paul Gasol said. "You need to be the strongest team, and the whole team is the most aggressive in the whole series. " The Spurs in the Western Conference finals before the two games did not show a playoff team that style, the first game in the case of 25 points was reversed, the second game suffered 36 points. Leonard injured the situation first put aside, the team no lack of Big Gasol and Aldridge two players, the Spurs in the regular season to win 61 games after the Warriors. The third game from San Francisco to Texas, the Spurs need to play the spirit to win a game. "To some extent, you should be energetic and ready to go to the game, and you should be more focused on this desperate edge," said Pau Gasol. "From a certain point of view, now we are like a wounded beast, you should play everything you have, which is a more easy to prepare situation, because if you lose, you have to face Out. "Leonard is the last two defensive players, and in the playoffs this year, averaging 25.5 points. Spurs coach Popovich asked Aldridge to get more points, despite Parker and Leonard injured in the case, Adelaide will face two or even three defensive players. "I've never seen them use so many defensive players to me, but I have to overcome, take the ball to find the vacant teammates." Ade said, "I think on a game, I am some passive, the third I do not Will be so sluggish. "Ade made it clear that the team will not let the past two games as the collapse of the team everyone tried to. "From the start of the game, it is decisive, because 0-2 is behind, and the third is crucial."


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