Hornets Walker finished the surgery
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NBA playoffs came to (click LOLGA) the partition final, wonderful game, the Union there are many noteworthy news, the following is part of the news this morning, Green Army boss: do not trade champion sign In yesterday's lottery draw the General Assembly, the Celtics get the champion signed, Green Army boss Vick - Gross Baker said in an interview today, the team will not trade this champion signed. Gross Baker believes that with the champion to sign the transaction has become famous superstar, not only need to match the salary space, but also need to give up some of the members of the team, it would be better to use the first round of the election to choose a rookie, Moreover, this year is the draft, "We can get a very good rookie this year, and you can use a few years at low cost, of course, we will listen to other teams offer, there will be a lot of dialogue before the draft. Pierce joins ESPN in the finals According to the US media news, has just announced the retired star Paul - Pierce, will be included in the finals during the ESPN reporting team. Pierce and McGrady, Chauncey Billups, Jay - Ross and other former NBA star together, the finals for real-time analysis. Earlier, Pierce and several former Green Army players took part in Garnett's program. In the finals last year, Pierce had briefly joined ABC and ESPN reporting team, the green army is very much hope to participate in television programs, and perhaps fans will soon see his return on television. Kemba Walker completes left knee surgery According to the US media news, the Hornets core point guard Kenba - Walker has completed the left knee arthroscopic surgery, is expected to take 6 weeks recovery time. This season, regular season, Walker field can cut 23.2 points and 3.9 rebounds and 5.5 assists, played the best career of a season. The end of the regular season, Walker felt left knee pain, and missed the last two games, the Hornets have declined this season, did not play the playoffs. Adams and Collison tour of Mexico Thunder center Steven - Adams updated his social media, he sun out of his own teammate and Collison's photo, the two together in Mexico tourism. Interestingly, Adams's beard brother, Thunder off the center of Canter, also in the global tourism, but also in their own social media drying out in the Thai foot massage picture. While the Thunder's core Westbrook, then greeted his son's birth yesterday Although the Thunder early end of the playoffs, but several core offseason life is very comfortable.


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