Nacho: This season is the right decision to stay in Real Madrid
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Real Madrid defender Nacho (visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins) said that Zidane's trust let him usher in the fate of the turn. He was in the last season when he was leaving the edge of the Bernabeu stadium, and in this season has become a regular appearance of the defensive player. "Stay here is the best decision" Nacho said to "Dtlux": "I think here, there are plenty of opportunities to play the game, which is very important." "I stay here because the coach and the club are trusting in me." 27-year-old Nacho hopes to come up with the same position as he played the same name as the predecessors of the same performance - like Hierro, Cannavaro and Ramos, etc. he has been looking forward to the players. And when his life ended, he had a big plan. "I want to be a coach, involved in football or any other sport." In the short term, Najia 's focus is the next summer' s World Cup: "It 's one of my goals to be able to enter Lopetti' s plan, but before that I have a lot of things to do.


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