Cro Torres was on the spot to curse
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Although C Luo against (click LOLGA) the Atletico in the Champions League semi-final second leg of the game did not score, but the Portuguese striker or successfully grab the play, because they celebrate the goal when the horse fans fans shut up, so angered Torres, the two final The mouth of the mouth. C Lo in the Calderon stadium suffered fans filled the boo, each time he will be the ball will be tens of thousands of horse fans crazy boo. In the two goals after the lead, somersault fans clamor of the larger momentum, but after the goal of the game, Atletico must re-scored three goals to reverse, C Luo is arm around the time, indicating all the Atletico Fans should shut up. Can be said to put his finger on his lips on the lips on the fans shut up, C Luo are in the case of extreme anger to make this point, when he scored in the Nou Camp several times this time to treat the red and blue army fans, now C Luo and let the horse fans to taste the treatment of Barcelona fans. And the first play of Torres is to see C Luo treat their own fans is very angry, approached asked C Luo: "You clown want to do?" And C Lo simply said: "fool, go home soon "Then Torres continued to burst the burst of foul, but the referee came forward to persuade the two. After the game C Luo said: "For the UEFA Champions League final, we are very happy, it is difficult, Real Madrid's efforts worthy of such a result. No matter who, no matter how many appearances, everyone's status is good, Real Madrid Lineup is very good, every game we are very hard.Found against Juventus, I think it is a fifty-five game, Real Madrid will try to fight the last, while Atletico grab us today, we are expected, Simon The team is lucky to grab two goals, but Real Madrid more experienced, know that a goal will be able to completely defeat Atletico, and finally we do now the team to focus on the league, we hope to get La Liga champion, and then consider the Champions League final.


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