Middlesbrough coach: Today\'s team after the game locker room is very quiet
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In the final round of the (click FIFA 18 Coins) current round of the Premiership game, Chelsea 3-0 victory over Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough will be relegated to the stage, and after the game, Middlesbrough coach Steven Agger accepted the interview. "We are very frustrated and very disappointed.Our locker room is very quiet.We are very good tonight's game players, but we can not control the game.Chelsea is Chelsea, they will be completed in the second half of the 2 ball Lead, we have left a mountain to climb. "We played 36 games, and now 2 games. This season is very difficult not only tonight, the whole season is very difficult.We did not get enough of the ball.Now for this club is the most important is how this summer We need to make sure that Mibao returns after a strong.


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