Milan 35 million offer Kaliniqi
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According to the Italian (click FIFA 17 Coins) media "Gazzetta dello Sport," the latest news, Milan renewed the Spanish winger Su Suo's plan has been substantial progress, Su Suo's father will be in the recent high-level negotiations with Milan. In other words, whether Su Suo can renew with Milan is likely to depend on the outcome of the negotiations. As we all know, Su Suo joined AC Milan in January 2015, last season Su Suo was Milan to lease to Genoa, in Genoa during the 23-year-old winger performance eye-catching, 19 appearances scored 6 goals. This season, Su Suo back to Milan, in Monterey's tune not only in the main lineup firm foothold, and to become the core of the team attack. This season, Su Suo on behalf of Milan in Serie A played 31 times, scored 7 goals and dedicated 9 assists, is the number one assists in Milan and the second striker. It is because Su Suo in the game has such a good performance, Milan has been intended to renew Su Suo to 2021, and Su Suo I also hope to continue to play for the effectiveness of Milan. It is reported that Su Suo's father is close to the local time on May 3 arrived in Milan, and will soon meet with the Milan high. It is reported that Su Suo and Milan's contract will expire on June 30, 2019, in fact, the Milan side should have been prepared to proceed with the renewal of Su Su, but a delay in the acquisition of the contract led to delays in the contract. According to the Italian media before, Milan for Su Su prepared a 5-year long, the annual salary of about 2.5 million euros. On the other hand, the Italian media also broke the AC Milan ready to spend 35 million euros this summer, the offer to buy Kaliniqi news, ready to replace the performance of this season is difficult to Milan fans and the team satisfied with the high-level Baka The Kalinich left Zeni in 2015 to switch to purple lily, he joined the first season after joining the 13 goals, and this data has improved this season, the season so far he has in the event Finished 19 balls. It is understood that Kaliniqi contract in the purchase fee is 50 million euros. In other words, Milan want to spend 35 million euros to buy Kaliniqi also need to spend some effort.


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