Barcelona official announced Tiewei right leg injury
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Barcelona official announced (visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins) that Digny was injured in his right leg. Although the Catalan giants did not make it clear that the French will be absent for a long time, but the Spanish media said that the season has been reimbursed in advance. Today morning Barcelona 4-1 victory over Villarreal, continue to maintain the lead on Real Madrid. Is the servant, Enrique choose to let Dini replace Alba starting play. The first 75 minutes, Dini was replaced by Alba end, Dignon was no obvious signs of injury. However, after the diagnosis of the Barcelona team doctor, the red and blue army to determine the Dini's injury. Barcelona wrote on the official website: Lucas - fell into the Barcelona match against Villarreal, 75 minutes, he was replaced by Alba, when the score is 3-1. After a careful diagnosis of Dignes, we have determined that his right leg femoral biceps is overworked. Barcelona is currently in the case of a match to win the relationship between the advantages and disadvantages of Real Madrid, ranked league top. In the league only two rounds of the case, Dini's injury makes Enrique's formations more stretched. Spanish media "Aspen" said Dini is likely to be unable to participate in the remaining two league. In other words, the French journey this season has been ahead of time. Dini last summer to 16.5 million euros transfer fee from Paris to join Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčthis season, Dini played for Barcelona 25 times, including 19 starting, and 1 ball 1 assists recorded.


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