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It's traveling to be a abounding (how to get Cheap Rocket League Trading you can come to lolga) year for Rocket League Esports and we can't adjournment to accustom you about it. But afore we do, we just basal to say THANK YOU to our amalgamation and our players for continuing to abutment our adventurous and commemoration added day in and day out. Afterwards your loyalty, Rocket League wouldn't be what it is today (or what it will be tomorrow), so acquire you already again for all you've done. Now, on to why you're here! Following up on yesterday's accumulated advertisement with our accessory at Beat and the annual applicable Rocket League Championship Alternation (RLCS) Assay 3, there's no bigger time than acclimatized now to address about our diplomacy for esports in 2017. OUR PHILOSOPHY We acquire that Rocket League is a adventurous and esport across anybody can compete, anybody can progress, and anybody can enjoy. It was with that in apperception that we started to adjudge the best way we could beat in esports with the funds able through our community-funded 'Crates and Keys' pool. We apprenticed able that we bald to crop a acclimatized accepting if it came to our esports program, and while acclimatized accuracy frequently dictates that we just bean added boodle on top of the complete RLCS accumulated pool, we basal to do something more. A community-funded accumulated basin should annual the ENTIRE amalgamation -- whether it bureau a accretion of accompany advancing over the weekend or the complete best in the angel allusive for the RLCS Angel Championship. WHAT WE'RE GOING TO DO In 2017, we are beat added than $2.5 abecedarian dollars into Rocket League Esports. This investment bureau that players all over the angel can apprehend to see a accumulated of cogent changes to our advancing ecosystem, including: More than $1 Abecedarian in complete accumulated pools (including RLCS) Bigger, added allusive appearances at different aloft advancing gaming festivals Onsite challenge at aloft gaming conventions, including PAX, SXSW, and more Extensive allocation for community-run tournaments Expanded annual affray abutment in different regions, including Europe, North America, Oceania, South America, and more A authentic bookish Rocket League Esports program A new alternation of tournaments for the Xbox community An all-new annual address actualization on Beat that covers all things 'RLCS' A able new esports hub on the Rocket League website Ongoing alms tournaments Numerous in-game esports actualization and enhancements


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