McCormum hopes the pioneers chase George
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Since the Indiana Pacers swept (click NBA Live Mobile Coins) the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round of the playoffs, the issue of the Pacers' core Paul - George's fate has been the focus of numerous media discussions. Recently, the Portland Trail Blazers scoring guard CJ-McCormum in the social media openly expressed the hope that the team management in the offseason chase pickles. As one of the few big names in the free market, despite the fact that George's contract has a player option for a year, the league's charity is coveting him. For Pickles, if he chooses to leave, in addition to the home team Lakers, he is likely to choose a competitive team. The Blazers scored 41 wins and 41 losses this season, the first round of the playoffs by the Golden State Warriors swept out, but the team is currently sitting on the two when playing the quasi-all-star players Lillard and McCall Ah, inside the new aid Nulqic also played a stunning performance. If George joins the Blazers and Portland retains both the guns and the Nullicchi, they have the ability to compete with Durant and Leonard on the flank, and are likely to become Western teams, Warriors, Spurs and Rockets Breaking a Wrist. But the problem is that George has a contract in the body, this summer can only be operated by way of the transaction. And the Blazers side can give the chips that are Aminu, Krabi, Turner, Meyers - Leonard and Ed - Davis this role players, the temptation of the Pacers is not enough. As many users talk about it, if you really want to trade to George, the pioneer probably need to give up one of Lilard or McCallum.


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