Bremen striker Klose was elected the best player of the Bundesliga round
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In the current round of the Bundesliga (visit LOLGA.INC) game, Bremen 4-2 reversal beat Gengstadt, the game Bremen striker Kruse played Daxi hi, he also elected the current round of the Bundesliga official website of the best players. Bremen in the recent 10 rounds made 8 wins and 2 draws, the current ranking has risen to the European theater. Kruse is Bremen recently outstanding performance of the key players, the current round of raze is staged Daxi hi. In the current round of the Bundesliga official Twitter special selection of fans, Keluze was elected. Kruse won 64% of the fans support, high vote was elected Bundesliga best player. Behind the Kruze is Dortmund teenager Dumbledore (20%), Frankfurt attacker Bian (11%) and Freiburg striker Peterson (5%). Kreuz's Big Four is Bremen since 1986, Noi Bate after 31 years for the first time players in the league staged a senior, and another Kruze this season has scored 13 goals, creating a personal Season new high.


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